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It's the Season of Hope...

Together, we are changing lives in Boise.


The sweet sound of children playing in the sun. Parents watching from behind flower boxes on their porches. Neighbors welcoming, waving, visiting, caring. There's a common bond. It's about neighborhood.

Katie and their family

"It has been so amazing to have a community and have a little neighborhood where my kids were important and where we're important and our neighbors are important. We have stability and security. I am so thankful for Habitat."

—Katie H., Habitat Homeowner

Sayed and their family

"We want a good life for our children. Owning a home is part of that."

—Sayed S., Habitat Homeowner

And it's about having hope for the present and the future.

That's the opportunity Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity provides to families who otherwise would not have the means to experience. It's the opportunity to fully live the American Dream.

The families Habitat for Humanity serves want what we all want—a safe place to raise their children; financial predictability and stability; a "forever" home to call their own. They want hope.

Salima and their family

"You think about stability as a family that's gone through so much...we at least have one thing that was ours and that was at home. And it was a place to play in the backyard, in the front yard, and to do other things and to grow. And even if I'm not there today, that is still home."

—Salima E., Habitat Kid

Jason and their family

"I might not be a millionaire, but I have my family and I have this awesome, wonderful house. Every single day I wake up and say thank you for this house and to Habitat."

—Jason W., Habitat Homeowner

To make this happen for more families, we need your help.

Your generous support for families like Michael and Katie's ensures that families like theirs have a safe, well-built, affordable "forever" home. Children will have a safe place to do their homework at night; parents can rest easy knowing they'll never need move again.

It's your support that makes this happen. Please ensure that families like Michael and Katie's will experience this security and stability by making a tax-deductible gift to Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity today.

Peggy and their family

"I hope that other ramps you build make as big of an impact as this has for me. It's changed my life."

—Peggy M., Repairs Homeowner

If you'd like to help sustain Habitat's good work throughout the year, consider becoming a monthly Hope Builder.

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