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February 2023

Message from the President

We are so excited to continue our deep and meaningful work in 2023. We look forward to supporting our executive director, Janessa Chastain, in the initiatives that she had selected with careful consideration. As a board, we intend to support, rally, and cultivate partnerships that will enable Janessa to lead Habitat in addressing the ever-growing need for affordable housing in Ada county.

Recently we have added a handful of excellent new board members and continue to look for community members that bring robust experience in leadership. 2023 will continue to provide us with challenges that we know we can rise to meet.

We are thankful for the dedicated staff who work hard to serve our community and for the volunteers who keep Habitat building with excellence.

I invite you to join me in becoming a Hope Builder by making a monthly commitment to supporting this life-changing work.

We are grateful for all the ways you support us. I look forward to seeing you at home dedications and the 17th Annual Evening in the Garden in 2023.

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